Holidays with a toddler

The full airport process is time consuming enough without adding a toddler to the equation, especially a child with an intolerance. By the time the tested/scanned milk bottles have been given back, they are normally half empty and freezing cold. To add on top of that, pretty sure we’ve not had a positive experience yet where the security men/women actually know how to secure the bottle lids properly, so that it doesn’t make all the rest of the food in the bag soaking wet. Just what you need for a tired and hungry toddler right.

There is no such thing as a 10minute toilet or food/drink break when travelling with a toddler. Oh no, it’s more about running around like a crazy family trying to find out what gate your plane is flying from before your too late because security has taken that long to get through. All for what? To sit on the plane for an hour to wait for the calm late passengers dawdling.

Isn’t it really stressful sat next to ignorant passengers that always huff and puff as soon as your toddler makes the slightest bit of sound. I will never know how these people expect families to go on holiday. If that’s not stressful enough, under 2 year olds do not get their own seat space. Instead, they are expected to sit on their parent’s knees. Hours of achy, tingly sensations whilst your toddler is sat on your knees really does do some damage to your legs. Rule out any scheduled walking trips for days after. Maybe try to have a few peaceful days relaxing on a sun bed and reading a book. Who am I kidding? There is no such thing as relaxing on a sun bed and reading a book on holiday with a toddler by your side. In fact, I don’t even think I remember what a book looks like. Instead, there is no other option but to suck up the pain and deal with it.

Parents are able to leave their child’s pram outside of the plane so that they can use the pram right up until they get on. When the plane has landed, parents have to collect the prams from the baggage carousel. I will never understand the reasons for this. Worst of all the luggage usually comes off way before the prams meaning you have to hold your toddler while getting the luggage off the carousel. A big clap from all parents to whosever idea that was.

That’s all before starting your holiday…

For parents they think that it is normally just easier to book a coach or taxi transfer beforehand. We usually do this. It is easier than dragging your toddler on to a sweaty coach with no air-con waiting around for other passengers.

It is always a nightmare when arriving at the hotel for the receptionist to tell you that you have to pay for air-con. When it says air con is available on the website, it actually means available if you are willing to pay for it. For parents, air con isn’t a choice, it’s a necessity. Some hotels do charge a large amount for just air-con in rooms, which I think is ridiculous. So do try to find a hotel that says air-con included, if possible.

Parents always think that as soon as they arrive in the hotel room, the stress is finally over and they can now begin to relax. But it isn’t that easy. Even simple things that you never thought about before you became parents are now an issue. The marble floor is one of the biggest issues about abroad hotel rooms. We’ve had our fair share of slips on these nasty floors. We’ve even been known to have a trail of towels starting from the bathroom right up to the bed to avoid slips after our toddler has got out the bath.

Sitting around the pool can be a slight task for parents. Parents would be lying if they said they weren’t slightly envious of how peaceful the adults looked without children. It isn’t as fun though is it? I mean come on, who wouldn’t rather spend their day running around like a lunatic, getting up every two minutes covering their toddler in sun cream and entertaining them by diving in the pool and pretending to be the incredible hulk.

Parents always think that with a toddler it is easier to go out and about and explore rather than stay in the hotel, however it is still not as easy as it looks. You could fancy a little walk to the shops or supermarket and for some reason us parents seem to think we need to bring our child’s whole life without, as if we are going to get stranded or something. There is no such thing as a quick stroll, it usually takes about an hour to prepare even just a 5minute walk.

Food places are not always easy to find abroad, especially for toddlers that are fussy or have intolerances. We always manage to find our most top rated place in the end though, even if it is judged based on their free wifi so our child can watch pepper pig on the tablet.

Parents would be lying if they said it was easy to take their toddler abroad. However, children soon adapt especially if you travel regularly. Children can learn a lot from going abroad. Whether it is your toddler trying new food, swimming in the sea for the first time or learning to fly without fear.

Good luck fellow parents, your going to need it!

23 thoughts on “Holidays with a toddler”

  1. Oh I remember when we took Madeleine to Japan. She was only 7 months, which was hectic but OK. I wouldn’t say it was easy haha. We are travelling again next year when she’ll be almost 2. Gosh I hope it’s ok lol


  2. Bless, I haven’t braved a trip abroad yet because I think it will just be too stressful, so you are brave, well done. We keeping saying we like to take him to Portugal, the first holiday I had with OH before our son was born, maybe one day as the only thing he needs these days are night nappies, but can be a fussy eater still.


    1. It is stressful, trust me! But also, such an amazing experience and there happiness far out ways the struggles! Oooo, Portugal sounds lovely, do keep me updated whether you all brave it or not! Good luck x


  3. Amen! I just did a long haul with my 2 and a half year old and it was painful! Let’s just say I actually feel bad for the people sitting around us. My lovely well behaved boy turned into a demon for 13 hours!


  4. You sound like you had both an eventful and lovely holiday! It is definitely not easy travelling with a toddler but the pros definitely out weigh the cons. Seeing their little faces beaming at the beach.. priceless 😊lovey to meet you and can’t wait to read more! X


    1. Not easy at all, but it sounds easy but I would do it all over again and again just so my little boy can experience foreign countries. Definitely your right, there happiness is the most important thing. Lovely to meet you too and can’t wait for more of your posts! X


  5. In ten days, we’re going home to the province with our little boy (16 months) and I don’t know if I survive the trip haha. It’s a 13-hour bus drive..and hopefully we will have understanding seatmates. Goodluck.


  6. I love hearing about different airport policies on prams. Helsinki won’t let you take your own through security (hello, baby carrier!), but when I landed, the KLM crew brought it to the jet bridge so I could skip baggage claim. Traveling with a small person is definitely not easy, but if you do it enough, you pick up tricks. 😉 Lovely post!


    1. I’m glad that my blog has been useful in someway then. That’s great isn’t it so lovely when they make it much easier for parents. It is definitely far from easy, so it makes it so much better when they help parents out. Thank you for sharing that with me. I am definitely learning new things every time that I take him away. Thank you so much for commenting X


  7. I’ve just written a post about holidaying with two toddlers and what to expect. I’m going away in October and really wasn’t sure what to expect. Ur blog has given me a rough idea. Thank you x


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