She Doesn’t Look Autistic is Not a Compliment

Please take note…

‘She doesn’t look autistic’ is not a compliment.

‘But she’s so pretty’ is not a compliment either.

‘She can’t have autism, she looks normal’ is even less of a compliment and is in fact hurtful.

‘Normal’ is a figment of peoples imaginations, it does not exist. Insinuating people with autism aren’t normal is beyond hurtful. Get to know the person, look beyond their disability and see them for the wonderful individuals that they are. If you don’t, believe me you are missing out!

Autism does not have a look, it’s an invisible disability. That simply means you can’t tell that person is disabled just by looking at them. You may notice somebody has autism because they are wearing ear defenders or because they are stimming or because they are in a buggy or a wheelchair but not by how they look. They don’t have a flashing neon autism sign coming out of their heads, they look like everyone else… if anything just more beautiful.

Our daughter is perfect, quite simply stunning, with the biggest smile and huge brown eyes, that’s how she looks, that is how I’d describe her looks and features, not autistic.
Isla looks like Isla, it really is that simple.



2 thoughts on “She Doesn’t Look Autistic is Not a Compliment”

  1. this is part of the challenge of autism… it isn’t visible. There are so many disorders that fall into this same issue of being invisible, but autism is the one that is so visible in behavior. Plus there is the issue of the autism umbrella. autism looks so different in each person who has autism. there are autistic type tendencies, but they are not a given. Each child is unique and beautiful.

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    1. Exactly you are so right. Every child is so different which is what makes each child so unique and beautiful. You just have to work out what supports and guides each child the most and go from there. Thank you for your comment X


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