Driving across Europe- Lovran

After an incredible time in Italy, it was now time to move onto our next destination. This time it was not only driving to another city but another country. Beautiful Croatia. It took approximately 5 hours from Venice but we drove right through Slovenia which was wonderful.

Ideally, we would have loved to visit Dubrovnik as we know it the prominent tourist place to visit in tourist. However, it would have meant a large amount of driving onto our next destination Hungary. We decided the best thing to do is to write a list of the places in Croatia that did not detour to much away from our route. We came across Lovran which has relatively good reviews which is situated on the eastern coast of Istria Peninsula. Lovran and its near vicinity, makes a part of Opatija Riviera which is becoming an extremely popular place to visit in Croatia.  

We decided that our trip to Croatia was going to focus purely on relaxing on the beautiful local beaches instead of walking miles to visit every attraction possible. So that’s exactly what we did. We stayed in a Villa not far from the main beach in Lovran called Beach Kvarner. We didn’t spend too much browsing photographs of the beach because we just thought no matter what as long as we have sand and sea, that will be relaxing enough.

We somehow managed to skip the part that Beach Kvarner was in fact a concrete beach. However, you would be surprised at how many people were down the beach sunbathing on their towels as if it was a normal beach. Maybe an unpopular opinion: but is a beach really a beach without sand?

Anyway, we did try to blend in with the rest of the crazy people sunbathing- on a concrete beach but it just wasn’t for us. People that don’t like sand- this is the beach for you!

So we did what we do best and explored what else Lovran had to offer.

Firstly, we hopped on a Pedalo which was beautiful but actually quite terrifying with a toddler- never again! Although, we had a fantastic driver (our 3yo), I was very nervous he was going to just suddenly jump in the sea or something- we all know how predictable toddlers can be. So we stayed on the pedalo probably about 20 minutes and then pedalled back to shore.

Lovran’s old town city centre is beautiful. This is where you will find the Romanesque bell tower which is surrounded by walls from the Middle Ages and intersected with cobbled streets and a series of baroque houses.

The Romanesque Bell Tower:

Lovran has the wonderful Lungomare promenade, approximately 12 km long. It took us roughly about an hour to walk to Opatija from Kvarner beach in Lovran. And I would highly recommend this walk if you love beautiful views and of course enjoy walking.